But you feel so much frustration now because...

Stop giving people the wrong impression about who you are, because of your constant emotional outburst. You can gain mastery over your emotions.

You feel conflicting emotions, you don’t know what to do with the pain you feel, whether you should hold on or let go. Sometimes, it feels like you have finally let go and everything is back to normal with you, then suddenly, it feels like you are taking ten(10) steps backwards again, as all the hurt and pain comes rushing back.

Your subtle cry for help from your partner is usually misinterpreted. When you need emotional support, encouragement and reassurance from your spouse, your spouse misinterprets it as an attempt to keep them forever apologetic which makes it an uncomfortable subject to discuss.

Your frustration and angry outburst makes people judge you unfairly as the source of the problem. When your partner is unapologetic, erodes your pride; and when your partner is apologetic, and it makes you angry at their poor choices.

You are worried about forgiving too quickly and at other times wondering if you are a bad person for not being able to instantly forgive your partner for the hurt and anger you feel.

You don’t know if your relationship/marriage is worth fighting for because he/she is a repeat offender. You are uncertain if you can trust again.

You feel frustrated that despite the fact they hurt you, you still love your partner.


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