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At the time I came in contact with this program, I was at the verge of loosing my job, as a team lead in my organization.
I was always replaying the incident that happened on the day I discovered the affair.
He was unapologetic and defensive, this made me feel really small. I became emotionally stressed as I grieved what was once a very beautiful relationship.

I was devastated and remained devastated for a long time. The hurt and pain I felt gradually began to slip into other aspects of my life as I became increasingly absent minded.

My inability to concentrate and my absentmindedness made me forget important deadlines and I couldn’t motivate or organize my team to achieve our targets.
Getting a poor appraisal was a wake up call that propelled me to seek help.

The program helped me to re-arrange my priorities. I stopped being fixated about what should be and what shouldn’t have been.
I was able to embrace my reality. Now I live in a healthy mental and emotional space that guarantees my progress.



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