We have many reviews from our satisfied clients.

It’s always a joy to hear that the work I do has positively impacted our clients and that they are happy to share their experience.
“Before I joined the program, I was an emotional wreck and felt like everything was going wrong with my life. I was erratic, depressed and on a downward spiral of self pity, feeling so betrayed and angry all at the same. Most people saw my actions and reactions but did not understand the triggers. Despite my pain, I still feel judged for not being able to forgive; which further complicated things for me. I knew I needed help to get my life together and gain some clarity. The program helped me to get rid of the negativity that had become my new identity before then. I stopped blaming myself for my husband's act of adultery. This program helped me to regain my confidence, gain closure and most importantly, it helped me to be very clear about the facts rather than me thinking that everything bad that had happened was my fault alone'

I can't believe how free I am.

At the time I came in contact with this program, I was at the verge of loosing my job, as a team lead in my organization. I was always replaying the incident that happened on the day I discovered the affair. He was unapologetic and defensive, this made me feel really small. I became emotionally stressed as I grieved what was once a very beautiful relationship. I was devastated and remained devastated for a long time. The hurt and pain I felt gradually began to slip into other aspects of my life as I became increasingly absent minded. My inability to concentrate and my absentmindedness made me forget important deadlines and I couldn't motivate or organize my team to achieve our targets. Getting a poor appraisal was a wake up call that propelled me to seek help. The program helped me to re-arrange my priorities. I stopped being fixated about what should be and what shouldn't have been. I was able to embrace my reality. Now I live in a healthy mental and emotional space that guarantees my progress.

Productivity and concentration restored

"This program helped me by giving me the courage to improve my relationship with my husband despite the circumstance. I thought that after the event of infidelity, the marriage was over but after the program I was surprised at how courageous I became towards fixing my marriage and making it work. In the course of time that I was on the program, I learnt to become less emotionally stressed and a more relaxed and productive person, letting go of the past mistakes of my husband I came to the realization that no one is past making mistakes or perfect . It became less of what people thought/said and more about what I really wanted. I’ve learned to communicate better with my husband which has made us a better couple."

I got the Courage to make it work.



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